How it works

  1. When you create a new Toasty session, you'll be prompted to add a template to your session
  2. Templates are organized into different categories
  3. When you click "Add" on a template, it will add a set of activities to your session
  4. Using a template means your session is ready to invite participants and start immediately, however you can edit any activity or add additional activities if you want


Do I need to use a Template to run a Toasty session?

No, although templates the easiest way to get started, you can close the template popup and create your own session activities from scratch if you prefer

Can I only add one template to a session?

No, you can add multiple templates to a session. Click the Templates button in the Activity toolbar to open the template library again. Adding another template will not replace the existing activities in your session, it will just add them to the end.

What sort of activities do Templates contain?

Template contain a mix of all different Toasty activities. Many include dividing the participants into small groups in order to facilitate group activities in breakout rooms. All Conversation Cards and question prompts are unique to each template.

Do you have a template for _____?

If we don't yet, we might soon! We are adding new templates regularly. If you have a specific template you would like to see, please click the chat button and let us know.

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