Grouping Questions is a unique activity to Toasty. Instead of randomly breaking participants into small groups, use Grouping Questions to group together participants based on their similarities or differences.

A Grouping Question activity is included in many of our templates, because we find that having relevant something in common really helps get the conversation flowing.

1. Add or edit a Grouping Question activity

Click on the icon to add a new Grouping Question activity, or click the dropdown menu to edit an existing one.

2. Set up the questions

You can choose a question from our template library, or create your own. For each question you can configure:

  • The question text
  • 2 or more answer options
  • Whether participants should be group together or separated if the choose the same option

The last control is very powerful. It allows you to mix-and-match with any combination of similarities and differences. For example, you could set up two questions with different logic:

  1. Which department do you work in? (separate)
  2. What do you like to do on the weekend? (together)

Toasty will create groups that contain people from different departments who all spend their weekend in a similar way.

3. Run the activity

You can run Grouping Questions at the beginning of your session or at any time. You may want to change the groups part-way through your session, and you can use a Grouping Questions activity to do that.

Your participants will respond to the questions at the same time. They have 25 seconds to for each question, and you will be able to see the popularity of each option.

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