Step 1: Walk your audience through what Group Response is

Example: The next activity is Group Response. You are going to form everyone into breakout groups to discuss a given topic and submit one response collectively. Then we will gather back in the main room to discuss and vote for the best answer.

Step 2: Use the "Breakout into rooms" toggle to send participants to their rooms

Step 3: Start Group Response by clicking the "Start next activity" button

Step 4: This is what each participant in a breakout group will see.

Step 5: You can check on your breakout groups by visiting each room

Step 6: One person will represent the group by submitting a response. Afterward, the group can see other groups' responses.

Step 7: At this point (optionally), you can use the "Breakout into rooms" toggle to bring everyone into the main room to discuss all the responses as a large group.

Step 8: You can also invite everyone to vote for the "best/creative/innovative" group response by clicking "Vote now"

Step 9: This is what your participants will see. They cannot vote for their own group.

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