Before the session:

  1. Use a laptop or desktop for the session. Toasty currently doesn’t support mobile.
  2. We recommend using the Chrome web browser to host the session for optimal experiences. Firefox is compatible but not great, while Safari and other browsers might not work.
  3. Allow to use your microphone and camera.
  4. Make sure you have a full read on: Overview of how to facilitate a remote meeting with Toasty
  5. Send an onboarding guide to your participants.
  6. Do a test run with colleague or friends if possible.

During the session:

  1. Wear headphones so your participants can hear you clearly.
  2. Send the shareable link to your participants.
  3. Greet everyone in the main room and briefly go over the upcoming activities.
  4. Let the attendees know they will be sent into different breakout rooms before doing so.
  5. Visit each breakout room to check on your groups.

Prep your participants for the Toasty experience:

Toasty’s How: Be the world’s best Toasty virtual participants

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