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Step 1. Set up your ice-breaker questions and grouping logic

Go to your Session EditorActivities

Make sure you have configured your icebreaker questions and grouping logic.
Who Said That will be run based on the grouping results.

Who Said That requires at least 3 people in each group, and can work well for groups up to 10, however 4-6 is the sweet spot.

Step 2. Add a Who Said That activity or edit existing ones

To add a new Who Said That activity:

Scroll to the bottom of the Activities tab, and choose + Who Said That activity

To edit an existing Conversation Cards activity:

Click on Edit to edit existing activities
Hold and drag the drag icon to re-order your activities
Click on the trash can to delete an activity

Step 3. Configure your questions

You may add new questions by clicking + Questions.

Type your desired Who Said That questions in the Question field.
Click Question templates if you would like to choose from a list of proposed questions. 

Step 3. Click the yellow Save button to save your changes

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