Step 1. Set up your icebreaker questions and grouping logic

Go to your Session Editor → Activities

Make sure you have configured your icebreaker questions and grouping logic.

Conversation Cards will be run based on the grouping results.

Conversation Cards can be a bit tricky with really big groups, we usually recommend 8 as a maximum. But it can work with as few as 2 people per group.

Step 2. Add a Conversation Cards activity or edit existing ones

To add a new Conversation Cards activity:

Scroll to the bottom of the Activities tab, and choose + Conversation Cards activity

To edit an existing Conversation Cards activity:

Click on Edit to edit existing activities
Hold and drag the drag icon to re-order your activities
Click on the trash can to delete an activity

Step 3. Modify Conversation Cards setting

Once you have added or chosen to edit Conversation Cards,  you will be brought to Session Editor → Activities → Edit Conversation Cards.

Choose existing card category

You may choose from our existing card template.
Click View cards to see what Conversation Cards are in each category.

OR Create custom card category

If you would like to allow participants to discuss topics set by you, you may choose to design your own set of conversation cards.

  1. Choose Custom under Category
  2. Type your Conversation Card question in the text box.
  3. Click the red trash can if you would like to delete a card
  4. Click + Add new card to add another card to your custom set

Set the length of the activity

  1. You may choose to allow each participant to share 1, 2, 3 or 5 minute.
  2. The estimated total length of the activity will be calculated based on the number of expected participants. 

Step 4. Save your changes by clicking the Save button

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