1. Click the yellow "Create new session" button. The newly created session will pop-up in a new window.

2. Choose a template to start with, or click on the "x" to skip the templates.

3. Add new activities in the control panel

You may choose to add activities now or anytime during your meeting.

Read more about setting up different activities here.

4. Invite Participants

Click on the "Invite participants" button to copy invitations to your team members.

Your team does not need to download anything on their computers.

5. Run the meeting

Once all your participants have joined, click "Start now!" to run the meeting.

6. Conduct activities

You may choose to restart or end an activity at any time. Find out more about how to facilitate the activities here.

6. View Session Analytics

You may re-visit the data collected from the sessions anytime in the Analytics tab.


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