We built Toasty to create a high level of engagement in a virtual environment, something that doesn't exist in most video meeting platforms.

We believe that in order to foster a "engaging" experience, the host has to facilitate and get the participants to actively participate (that's how you keep them awake too by the way).

Toasty is a video conferencing platform with ready-made activities to engage and connect your remote team members. Here are some key points about Toasty:

  • Toasty is for remote team settings, e.g. daily stand up, happy hour, team social, even all hands, giving the host more control and flexibility than ever before.
  • Although you have the ability to customize, you don't need to design everything from scratch. Toasty offers highly effective templates that you can just choose and use right away.
  • Toasty is intended for interactive and engaging sessions, so if you're thinking of just a regular video meeting with purely looking and talking to each other, you probably don't need Toasty.
  • With high level of engagement, Toasty is designed to be used on a laptop or desktop computer, so the participants are fully concentrated.

As the host/facilitator, you're in control

Toasty is designed for the host to be fully in control of the flow of the session. That means:

  • You design the agenda and activities the participants will do
  • You control the timing of agenda items and activities
  • You can send all participants to breakout rooms and bring them back to the main room whenever you want
  • You can choose when to show the Q&A questions to respond to them

This is definitely different to a lot of other platforms as a lot of responsibilities lie with the host/facilitator (don't panic yet).

Variety is the spice of life! Our co-founder and CEO, Kevon, even wrote a post about how your virtual participants are like 5-year-olds! Having a structured way to run the meeting and moving quickly between different formats are the best way to keep everyone engaged. With Toasty, your meeting participants don't need to do anything but follow your lead.

Invite your participants by sharing the link

In the Toasty dashboard, you'll see the option to invite participants by sharing the invitation or the link. Just copy it and paste into a calendar invite, email, Slack channel, etc. Let them know when they should join!

That's all the participant needs to join – they just open the link on their computer web browser. There's nothing to download or install, and no account to log into.

Of course, there will be technical issues, so here are two articles to help you:

  1. A quick participant guide: https://blog.toasty.ai/toasty-how-best-virtual-participants/
  2. If they're having video & audio issues, here is a troubleshooting guide: https://help.toasty.ai/en/articles/4001691-fixing-problems-with-video-and-audio

We recommend Google Chrome for the optimal experience, but Toasty also works in the Firefox browser. Safari, Edge, and Internet Explorer are not supported for now, sorry.

Start your session

Start the session from the Toasty dashboard, and watch as your participants come online. You'll be able to see each new person who arrives, and say hi. Participants are muted on camera & microphone by default, so if you want them to speak in the main room, let them know to unmute themselves.

Share your screen

You'll probably have a slideshow, or a document to discuss during your session. You can share your screen at any time by clicking the Present icon.

You can disable everyone's camera and microphone to give all the attention to you or a specific presenter.

Specific participants can also share their screens if you give them permission to, so you can have multiple presenters and switch between them seamlessly. Here is how:

1. Click on "Participants & groups"

2. Toggle on "Screen share" for a specific participant

Full screen mode

Toasty also has a full-screen view of the screen-share and video conferencing, so if you have some important numbers to show, your participants can see all the detail!

Let them know to open the ••• menu and click "View full screen"

Run Q&A

Toasty includes a full Q&A functionality, allowing your participants to submit questions anonymously throughout the session. They can even upvote other questions so the best ones rise to the top.

As the host, you can click the toggle to show the Q&A questions to everyone, or hide them again. This means you can collect questions throughout and answer them all at the end! Very smooth.

Start icebreaking grouping questions

Toasty offers two ways to form everyone into breakout groups. You can do so automatically or manually.

For automatic, whenever you're ready, you can click the "Start now" button to get all your participants responding to the icebreaker grouping questions you set up. Each question will show on everyone's screen at the same time, and everyone will see the responses in real time.

When the questions are done, every participant will be assigned to a group, based on the similarities and differences they have with the other people in the group (the logic configured by you)

For manual, you can click on "Participants and groups" to randomly assign (skipping icebreaker grouping questions) or manually put each participant into the appropriate group.

Send participants to their breakout rooms, and bring them back to the main room

Now that everyone is assigned to a group, as the host you can click the "Breakout into rooms" button to send everyone to their private group rooms.

Inside the group breakout rooms, you can get your participants talking about a certain topic with one of Toasty's group activities, like Conversation Cards or Group Response.

You can bring the participants back into the main room at any time by clicking again on the Breakout toggle. You can do this many times in one session, it's really smooth.

Visit your participants in their breakout rooms

When Breakout mode is active and your participants are in the breakout rooms, you are free to jump into any room to say hi and check up on that group. It's so easy to move between rooms with a single click.

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