Q&A is a common part of many events, allowing the audience to learn more from the presenter or panelists. But without a good Q&A tool, it can be a bit dangerous – sometimes the best questions aren't asked, because shy people don't speak up. And even worse, sometimes a question-asker rambles on-and-on, telling a story or doing self-promotion rather than improving the dialogue.

Toasty's Audience Q&A feature solves all these problems and more. Let's take a look at how it works.

Audience Q&A is available on Community, Professional and Corporate plans.

How to configure Audience Q&A

Audience Q&A is a feature that can be switch on for any Toasty session, or even during the session. Find it in the Q&A tab on your session page in the dashboard. Questions that are submitted will also appear here, do you can check back after the event.

How Q&A works for your participants

To ask a question, your audience must first join Toasty with their name and email if required. Then they can submit a question on their own mobile device by tapping the Ask button at bottom left. Questions can be asked at any time.

All questions are anonymous, allowing a safe space to ask more thought provoking questions.

As well as asking their own question, participants can view all the questions asked so far and 'Like' any question, pushing the best questions to the top of the list.

How to manage Q&A as a host

We've made it easy to run Q&A as a host. If Q&A is enabled for your session, you'll always see the question counter on the bottom right corner of the Toasty session screen. Click this to open the Q&A view and see all the questions that have been asked.

The questions with the most likes appear at the top. We've also added a "Hide" button, allowing you to hide questions that have been answered, or if there are any inappropriate questions submitted. These questions are not deleted, just hidden from view. You can see them later in the dashboard.

That's it! Q&A is a simple and effective feature that can make your events much better and give a voice to every member of your audience.

Q&A also works well for virtual events, for example using Zoom. Submitted questions in Toasty is a more manageable and scalable experience than trying to run an interactive Q&A via video call.

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