What is Conversation Cards?

Conversation Cards is a Toasty activity that can be added to any session. It is played within the created groups, so always happens after your icebreaker questions are done and participants have found their groups

In a game of Conversation Cards, each group member has a turn to pick a random card and respond to the topic on the card. As the host, it's up to you to set the topics, so you can get people talking about what you want them to!

How does Conversation Cards work?

Let's take a look at the Conversation Cards experience for participants. Everyone in the room will have a turn to share to their group, so the process is repeated until everyone is done and then the game is over

Step 1. Is it your turn? Pick a card

At the beginning of the round, a Conversation Leader will be randomly selected for each group. That person will see several cards on their mobile device, and they can choose one. It will be a random topic or question!

Step 2. Respond to the topic within the time limit

One you've chosen your card, you need to share your answer with the group. You may need to tell a story or share an opinion. There is a timer on the screen which lets you know how much longer your turn last.

Tip: As host, you can guide the participants on how best to share. For example, you may actually want to start a group discussion, with the conversation leader acting as facilitator. Or maybe the other members of the group should ask questions about the conversation leader's answer.

Step 3. Your turn's over, there's a new conversation leader now

After the time is up, a new group member will be assigned as conversation leader. This person can choose a card from the remaining available and take their turn to respond to the topic.

How to set up a Conversation Cards activity in your Toasty Session

Let's take a look at how you can add Conversation Cards to play at your next event.

Step 1. Set up your icebreaker questions and grouping logic

The first step to setting up any Toasty session is to create a new session and configure your icebreaker questions and grouping logic

Conversation Cards can be a bit tricky with really big groups, we usually recommend 8 as a maximum. But it can work with as few as 2 people per group.

Step 2. Add a Conversation Cards activity

Save you icebreaker questions and find the panel for Conversation Cards, and click the button to add it to your session.

You can add multiple rounds of Conversation Cards. Every participant will share for one card for each game, so if you want people to share multiple times, add several instances of Conversation Cards to your session.

Step 3. Choose your cards category or write your own cards

Now you have an import decision to make: what should your participants talk about? The prompts and topics on the cards can help you achieve different goals, from helping new connections get to know each other, strengthening the bond between colleagues, or driving discussions that are highly topical and relevant to your community.

Check out our pre-made conversation card categories, you can click to view the cards in each category to see if they will suit your event.

If you'd rather make your cards more topical, choose the "custom" category. Here you can add as many custom cards as you like.

Step 4. Set the time per card

The final decision to make is to choose how long each round should last for. You can choose between 1, 3, and 5 minutes for each person to respond to the card they chose. 1 minute is perfect for a fast and friendly community event. 3 minutes allows a deeper reflection and 5 minutes is best suited for a group discussion rather than just an individual sharing.

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