What is Who Said That?

Who Said That is a Toasty activity that can be used as an ice-breaking game. It is casual, customizable and has a competitive element, but Toasty makes it simple and easy enough to play with any size crowd.

Who Said That is played within groups, so it always happens after your audience joins Toasty, goes through the ice-breaker questions and is assigned to a group.

How does Who Said That work?

Let's take a look at the Who Said That experience for your participants.

The game is made up of several round. Each round has a responding and guessing part.

Step 1. Submit your answer

At the start of the round a question will appear on everyone's device. They answer this without sharing their answer to the other members of the group. There is a 45 second timer for everyone to input their answer

Step 2. Guess "Who Said That?"

After everyone has submitted, a randomly-selected answer from a group member will appear on everyone's device. They have 15 seconds to tap the name of the group member to guess Who Said That.

After they guess, they get feedback – was their answer correct? One point is awarded to each participant who guessed correctly.

Each group member's answer is shown one-at-a-time until all are done.

After the round, there is a 30 second pause to allow the group to discuss the answers and prepare for the next round.

Step 3. The winner is announced

The process above repeats for all the rounds, each with a different question. After the final round, the leaderboard is shown for each group, and the winners are shown on the big screen.

If there are multiple people with the same score in one team, the winner is selected based on who chose the correct answers fastest.

Now the game is complete!

How to set up a Who Said That activity in your Toasty session

Let's take a look at how you can add the Who Said That game to your next Toasty session.

Step 1. Set up your ice-breaker questions and grouping logic

The first step to setting up any Toasty session is to create a new session and configure your ice-breaker questions and grouping logic

Who Said That requires at least 3 people in each group, and can work well for groups up to 10, however 4-6 is the sweet spot.

Step 2. Add a Who Said That activity

Save your ice-breaker questions and scroll down to find the Who Said That activity, then click the button to add it.

You'll immediately be taken to set up the new activity. You can add multiple instances of Who Said That to your session, each with a different leaderboard, but in most cases you'll only want to add one Who Said That activity.

Step 3. Configure your questions

The only thing you need to set up for your Who Said That activity is the questions you want your participants to answer.

Remember, everyone will answer the same questions at the same time, so it's a great idea to think about how you want the room to react to the questions:

  • Do you want to make them laugh and have fun?
  • Do you want them to reflect and reveal something personal?
  • Do you want them to think about and discuss the topic of the event?

We have plenty of questions ready to add by clicking the "Templates" button. They are sorted into different categories but you can mix and match different types of questions. Of course you can edit any question after you add it, or write your own from scratch. Make sure they're open-ended questions that could generate a wide range of different responses!

We recommend 3 or 4 rounds for Who Said That, but you can add as many questions as you like.

Step 4. Run your Toasty Session

After saving, you can add additional activities and drag your Who Said That game into the right order. We recommend playing Who Said That immediately after grouping, because it will get everyone having fun and connected, but it's up to you.

When you run your session, Who Said That will start immediately when you get to it. As the host, there is nothing to control or manage, it is fully automated. You can focus on engaging the room, providing any support needed, and joining and having fun!.

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