After you run a Toasty session, you can review the data of who joined and what they did. Let's take a closer look

Exploring the Analytics tab

To view the analytics from your session, log into the Toasty dashboard, click on your session and then navigate to the Analytics tab.

Before running your session, no data will show on this page, but be sure to come back afterwards to check out the data that was collected.

Let's take a look at the data you can find here:

  • At the top, you can see the date your session was run, the number of participants who joined, how many groups were formed and how many people each participant shared their contact details with on average.
  • Then, you'll see data for all the session ice-breaker questions, showing which options were the most popular
  • Below that, there's data about the activities within your session. You can view the images submitted in your Group Response activity

Participant Details table

Access this table by click on "Participant details" in the widget showing the number of participants.

This is the raw data of what your participants did. Here you can see each person's chosen options and what they submitted or voted on.

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