You've crafted the perfect ice-breaker questions, and formed excellent groups. Now what?

You can add one or more Group Response activities to your session. There are a simple, fun way to get your groups sharing and collaborating.

What is a Group Response activity?

For each activity, the host (that's you!) will set up a question or prompt for the groups to respond to. For example, you may ask "What should be our strategy for Q3?"

Now, each group will work together to come up with their answer and submit it. All of the submissions will appear on the big screen.

Once all groups have submitted their response, everyone in the audience can vote on their favorite submission, and the group with the most votes will be crowned the winner.

How can Group Response activities be used?

There are many ways to use a Group Response activity, here's a few examples:

  • Give your groups a fun task for team building. You could ask "Build a bridge from spaghetti and submit a photo of it".
  • Reinforce learning with a collaborative activity by prompting "Draw a mind-map of the topics we discussed today"
  • Collect valuable feedback by asking "What is the most important outcome from today?"
  • Run a fun competition with prizes for the group with the most popular answer

How to set up a Group Response activity

  1. Create or edit a session
  2. After Saving the Form Groups settings, from the Session details page, click "+ Group Response activity"
  3. Now, set your question. This will appear on the big screen. It should be a prompt for the each group to respond to.
  4. Finally, choose the submission type – text or image. Only one type is allowed for each activity
  5. Click "Create". Your Group Response activity is ready to use at your session
  6. You can add several Group Response activities to your session

How to run a Group Response activity

  1. Start your session as usual, with your participants scanning, answering ice breaking questions and forming groups. Make sure everyone has found their group members before you move on to the activity!
  2. On the big screen, you'll see a "Next" button at top right, click this to start the first Group Response activity
  3. Now a group leader will be randomly selected for each group. It's this person's job to record and submit the answer on behalf of their group
  4. Once all the groups have made their submission and each has appeared on the big screen, click "Next" to open the voting
  5. Now, every participant will be able to vote on their favourite submission using their own device
  6. After everyone has voted, the top submission will be crowned as the best, and a fireworks animation will play to celebrate the win!

Tip: To keep things fair, group members cannot vote for their own group's submission.

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