Most events are ready to add Toasty, with no additional equipment or resources needed. Let's have a look at the requirements.

20-100 participants

Toasty is all about connecting people, so of course you need people! Toasty works best for around 20-100 people.

An internet connection

Your participants will join Toasty on their mobile devices. Most will be happy to use their mobile data, but it's a good idea to check that your venue has signal. Others may like to join your wifi network.

You'll also need internet for the host...

A big screen or projector

Toasty goes up on the big screen! You have a few options here, depending on what's available for your venue. If you have presentations with slides at your event, you're likely already prepared.

  • A laptop connected to a projector
  • A laptop connected to a big-screen TV
  • A Smart TV with a build-in web browser. This option is not recommended because these browsers can be fiddly to use

A host - that's you!

Toasty is designed to work without much guidance from the host, but it's a good idea to have someone to introduce Toasty and work through each step together with the crowd. Having a microphone can help a lot, depending on the size of your audience and venue.

Are you nervous about hosting your first Toasty session? Get in touch and let's chat about it.

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