So now you've set up a session, how will your participants be joining? Here's everything you need to know.

The instructions will appear at the beginning of every session, and the first method (URL and session code) will also be visible on every screen after the session is started,

Joining via the URL and Session Code

The easiest way for your participants to join is for them to open a web browser (such as Safari or Chrome) on their mobile device, and type in (yes, this is a real URL!) in the URL address bar.

After they land on the page, they will be able to put in the 6-digit Session Code that also appears on the big screen.

Joining via QR Code

Another way to join is to use a QR Scanner app to scan the QR code (square barcode) using their mobile camera.

There are several options to do this:

  • On iPhone, use the Camera app. A banner will appear at the top of the screen.
  • On Android, download a QR Scanner app, or use Google Lens
  • We do not recommend using WeChat to scan the QR Code, as it will be hard to access Toasty later

When joining by QR code, your participants will not need to enter the 6-digit Session Code.

Joining on computers and other devices

Toasty is made for mobile, but it can be accessed with any device that has a web browser. Follow the instructions above to join Toasty on your desktop/laptop/tablet/smart TV/Smart fridge.

Re-joining a session

If one of your participants closes Toasty, they can re-access it while the session is still running.

They need to navigate to on their web browser and enter the 6-digit Session code.

Now they need to register again with the same email address, and they will rejoin the session.

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