Feeling a little nervous about using Toasty at your next event?

It's normal – great changes require a bit of bravery!

We've made it easy to test out your Toasty session and to iron out and issues and practice your flow.

1. Gather some friends or colleagues

Grab some people in the office around you, they'll be helping you test your Toasty session.

Tip: Just you? Try using a Private Browsing or Incognito Window on your desktop computer. On Chrome, click File > New Incognito Window, and navigate to toasty.fun. This way you can operate one participant on your phone and one on your computer.

2. Click "Start" from your admin dashboard

Just like the real thing, this is how you'll start the session at your event.

A new tab will open with the Toasty welcome screen, showing a video you can play before the session to introduce the crowd into how it works.

After you click Start, you'll see the home screen, and your friends/colleagues can join the session on their devices.

At your event, this screen will show on the big screen.

3. Go through the session steps together

Once everyone has joined, you can go through all of the steps of the session together.

  • Do you testers understand the questions and options?
  • Does the order make sense?
  • Is it the right number of questions?

After the questions, each tester will be given a group. Depending on the size of your group and how many people you have to help you test, there may only be one or two groups. That's fine – Toasty can handle up to hundreds of participants, the experience will be the same.

4. Reset your testing data

This is the most important step when testing your Toasty session!

After your testers have gone together through your Toasty session, close the session window and then click "Reset all data" in the dashboard.

This will clear all the testing participants and their answers. You can test, edit and reset your session as many times as you need.

Your session is now ready to be used at your event!

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