You can watch the video below for a quick 5 minute introduction to creating your Toasty Session. If you want more detail, there are step by step instructions below.

1. Click "Create new session" and give you session a name

On the Session tab, click the button labeled "Create new session"

Here, you can give your new session a name, specify how many participants you expect (don't worry, Toasty can easily handle if there are more of fewer), and your session type.

3. Set the number of participants per group

After you click "Create", you will be directed to the next screen. Here you can set up all the details and questions for your session.

The first decision to make is the group size. This is the number of people that will be in each group

You don't need to know the total number of participants, Toasty will generate enough groups to include everyone who has joined.

For most events, we recommend groups of 3-6 people.

Tip: If the number of participants does not evenly divide into the group size you choose, Toasty will evenly reduce the size of some groups as needed, so that the group size is still as similar as possible. For example, 9 people divided into groups of 4 will create 3 groups of 3, not 2 groups or 4 and one group of 1.

5. Add your questions

Now, you can edit or add questions and the answer options.

We've pre-filled some questions that might work well for your session type, but you can replace them with your own.

Click the + Question button to add a new question. For each, provide the question text and the list of answer options, with each option on a new line inside the text input box.

Check out the Question Templates to quickly add a question from our library, or just for inspiration

If you need to Delete one of your questions, you can click the Delete button. The first question cannot be deleted, at least one question is needed.

Your participants will complete the questions in the order they are created in this form.

Tip: We recommending adding 3-6 questions for most events.

6. Understand matching logic for each question

Check out the control labeled When participants select the same option

This is a powerful tool to create the groups you think will work best for your session, so take the time to understand how it works:

  • Match together in the same group will put people with the same answer together
  • Separate into different groups will split people with same answer across all the groups, so that each group will have a mix of answers

Each question will have its own control, allowing you to stack the logic to craft ideal groups. In the example below, each group will have a mix of people from different industries who all like to do the same thing on the weekend:

Tip: It's not always possible to create groups that follow the logic perfectly, but Toasty will attempt to follow the logic closely. So, two people in a group may have the same answer for a "Separate into different groups" question.

7. Save your session

After setting up your options and all your questions, click Save at the bottom of the page.

You may want to add additional activities like Group Response or Conversation Cards. These take place after the participants find their fellow group members.

Once you've added any additional group activities you need for your session, you are ready to test or play your Toasty session. Clicl the Start button on the blue toolbar to play. If you do run a test first, you can reset all the data from this same toolbar so your session is ready to run for real at your event.

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