Toasty is a new way to get your audience interacting, so when you add a Toasty session to your next event, make sure you know how to introduce it to your crowd.

Play our 27 second video

This is the easiest way to introduce Toasty.

When you start a Toasty session, the very first screen will be include a video that you can simply play for your audience. It only goes for 27 seconds, but covers the basics your participants need to get started.

If you want to see the video yourself, you can watch it below.

Tell the audience why they'll be using Toasty

Want to do you own introduction too? Make sure you let the crowd know why they're going to be using Toasty.

For example:

  • "We're trying a new game called Toasty to kick-start the networking segment. Join in to have fun and meet like-minded people."
  • "To assign group tables for today, we're using a new tool called Toasty."
  • "We're wrapping up this workshop with a collaborative learning exercise powered by Toasty"

Let them know they'll be using their phone, but there's nothing to download

Toasty requires everyone to grab their phone and instantly join the session. Prepare the crowd that they'll be using their phone for the next few minutes.

  • "Grab your phone to join! Keep Toasty open as we go through the steps together"
  • "Scan the QR Code. You don't need to download an app or register, but please add you email so you can easily exchange contact details with the people you connect with tonight"

Guide them through the questions and let them know how to find their groups

Everyone will be doing the questions together, so the crowd will pay attention to their phones and the big screen during the questions. But after their group is assigned, they may need to be reminded how to find their group members.

  • "After we do the questions together, you'll get a group number and color. Hold up your phone to find the other people who match your group number and color!"
  • "We'll have around 10 groups, so groups 1-5 can go to the front of the room, and 6-10 can go to the back of the room!" 
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