Toasty is a new solution to solve a simple problem: How to get your audience connecting, sharing and learning together.

1. Toasty is for events

A Toasty "session" is an activity (you can even think of it as a game), that is added to an event.

Several type of events can benefit from adding a Toasty session:

  • Community events and meetups (20-100 people) can benefit from Toasty for better networking 
  • Workshops and seminars (15-40 people) can benefit from Toasty for group learning

Toasty is easy to add to your events, but if you want any guidance, don't hesitate to get in touch.

2. Toasty is easy for your attendees

Toasty is not an app that needs to be downloaded, and participants do not need an account to use it.

Registration is as simple as providing a first name and email address (to allow participants to exchange contact details).

3. Toasty is a real-time, structured activity for everyone in the room

To run a Toasty session, everyone in the room will participate together. As the host, make sure you can catch everyone's attention!

Once you're ready to start, each person will use their own mobile device to scan the QR code to join.

Toasty can work with remote participants, but it is focused on connecting people in real life. It requires a host to move through the steps on the projector or big screen.

4. Toasty helps break the ice between event attendees

As a host, you can set up icebreaker questions that the participants will complete together. This is a chance for the crowd to learn a bit about each other and gives a great conversation starter.

5. Toasty connects people together in groups

The core mechanic of Toasty is to group participants together with the other people in the room who they should meet.

After the icebreaker questions, your participants will each be assigned to a group and can use the group number and color to find their group mates.

This works better than organic networking or random grouping, because you can set the ideal logic for how groups should be formed, enabling the right people to connect.

6. Toasty encourages participants to collaborate and fosters audience interaction

As a host, you can use Toasty to facilitate group activities to get your participants working together. For example, you may:

  • Run a competition, requiring each group to submit a statement and then allowing the audience to vote to find a winner
  • Run a brainstorming session, seeking ideas from each group, and then vote on the best ideas
  • At a networking session, encourage participants to exchange their contact details in a fun way, using the Toasty button.

6. Toasty helps you improve your event for next time

As a host, Toasty provides you with valuable data that you can use to improve your events and strengthen your community.

  • Understand your community with icebreaker questions that reveal interesting data about everyone
  • Collect feedback and ideas for next time
  • Understand how many new connections are being formed at your events
  • See who are the most connected and engaged participants
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