Toasty is a solution to solve a simple problem: How to get your team connecting, sharing and learning together.

1. Toasty is for all kinds of team meetings - when you want to have a structured, interactive way to engage your team

On Toasty, each time you want to use Toasty for a meeting, you create "a new session". Then you design the experience by adding activities (you can even think of it as a game). For now, you have to pre-plan the activities before the meeting, but soon you'll be able to kick them off right away, on the fly.

We believe that to make a team meeting engaging, you have to get everyone to actively participate. And that's how we design our activities around.

2. Toasty is super easy for your team

Your team can join Toasty via a link on their web browser (preferably Chrome), nothing to download or install. 

Participants don't need to create an account to take part in Toasty. Registration is as simple as providing a first name and email address (optional, based on the host's choice).

3. Toasty empowers engaging and structured activities for everyone in small groups

All activities on Toasty are designed to enhance deep interactions between your team members. We believe team building should be embedded in everyday's life instead of the annual company retreat.

Even just 5-10 minutes in the beginning of a meeting will create opportunities for your team to come together, and that drives collaboration, productivity, and employee engagement to the company.

4. Toasty helps break the ice between participants

It is always kind of awkward in a remote team meeting. Who is going to talk? Who is going to participate?

You can now use different Toasty activities to encourage interactions. For example, start with icebreaker questions that the participants will complete together. This is a chance for the crowd to learn a bit about each other and gives a great conversation starter. Then each activity is designed around an outcome for your team, e.g. celebrate wins of the week!

5. Toasty encourages your team to collaborate and fosters interaction

As a meeting host, you can use Toasty to facilitate group activities to get your team working together. For example, you may:

  • Run a fun team building session like Virtual Happy Hour, getting your team to learn more about each other's background, stories, and values
  • Run a creative brainstorming session, seeking ideas from each function team, and then regroup to discuss altogether and vote on the best ideas
  • Run a deep conversational session, encourage participants to share their recent challenges and discuss¬†

6. Toasty helps you improve your employee engagement

We believe interaction data in the remote team meeting can be a great source of truth for improving your employee engagement, so we put everything we can find on your Analytics Dashboard to provide you with valuable data that you can use to improve your company's employee engagement. Check it out!

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