Attendees: 15-30

Goal: Learning and collaborating

Activity: Group Response

Group size: 3-4

Workshops are a great way to connect different people together and unlock the power of collaboration and group learning.

1. Setting up your grouping logic to create diverse groups

You should ask a couple of questions to break the room into evenly mixed groups. Some suggestions are: “How experienced are you with this topic?” or “Which department do you work in?”

The "When participants choose the same option..." control gives you a lot of power here. Do you want to join similar people together or split them up? It's up to you, but we would suggest choosing "Separate into different groups" for most questions.

2. Adding a group activity

Now the fun part: you can add a “Group Response” activity.

Provide a prompt or question that will reinforce learning. A suggestion is “What is the most important takeaway from today’s workshop?”

You can choose to accept text or image submissions. Think about your workshop - do you want people to draw a diagram and take a photo of it?

You can add multiple activities to each session.

3. Running the session

Allow enough time for Toasty to be used in your workshop. It might take 15-30 minutes, depending how challenging your activity question is.

First, click Play and allow your participants to join by scanning the QR Code on the big screen.

Once everyone has joined, start the questions. The participants will go through the ice-breaker questions together, with the results appearing on the big screen.

After the questions, the groups will be formed. Once everyone has found their group, click Next to show your activity prompt.

A group leader will be randomly selected for each group, and that person will submit the response on behalf of the group.

The group members will work together to respond to your question, and their responses will appear on the big screen.

Once all of the responses are submitted, everyone can vote and the best answer rises to the top - adding a fun competitive element.

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