Attendees: 20-50

Goal: Networking

Group size: 4-6

People come to your community event to chat and learn together, but finding like-minded people is hard! Not with Toasty 😉

1. Setting up your session - connecting the right people in the room together

Toasty makes it easy to break the ice and get people connected based on similarities and differences.

For networking events, we recommending asking 1 or 2 light-hearted and fun questions, but also mix in some more thought-provoking questions.

Use the grouping logic "When participants select the same option" control to get people together for the right reasons - maybe they all love the same technology, or have the same goals but different amounts of experience

2. Running the session

Now, when you run your session, each participant will be matched with other people who they should meet

The topic will even show up on their phone screen to get the conversation started!

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