One question people ask often: “How do I get started using Toasty?”.

The first thing to explore is what is Toasty for?

Toasty is ideal for meetings and workshops:

✅ Collaborative meetings, e.g. Ideation, Problem-solving

✅ Brainstorming & Co-creation Workshops

✅ Client Meetings Gathering Inputs

✅ Team Building

Once you're clear whether Toasty is for you, here are 5 tips for giving your team an engaging Toasty experience with no fuss and no stress.


1. Decide if you will use Toasty for your entire meeting

Toasty can handle up to 25 participants for each session, so if you're running a larger meeting e.g. for 100 pax, you can explore combining other platforms with Toasty and use Toasty for 1 or 2 sessions. Your people who are interested to join can join by clicking a link.

When it comes to a facilitated environment of collaboration, interaction and group activities, Toasty shines. In addition to a powerful engagement toolbar, the suite of virtual meeting features like video conferencing, screen sharing, group chat, audience Q&A and seamless breakout rooms etc. means you can run a wide range of sessions entirely on Toasty.

Tip: Sticking with one platform is easier for your team, so we recommending using only Toasty whenever possible.

2. Use one of our ready-to-go templates

When you create your session on Toasty, you'll be able to choose any one of our templates. We have Templates to suit all types of meetings, workshops and team building activities.

Explore the categories to find a template that suits your needs!

When you choose a template, it will instantly add several activities to your session, including grouping if the activities are designed for breakout groups.

Tip: Once added, any session activity can be edited. You can run them as-is or tweak them as needed.

3. Design your own powerful small group activities

One of the key features of Toasty is seamless breakout groups. To automatically assign a group to each participant, add a Random Groups or Grouping Questions activity

As the host, you're able to control when people are in the main room or their group breakout rooms.

Now the fun can really begin! Toasty has a number of activities and games that you can add to your session. All the groups will be guided by these activities to get to know each other and work together towards a topic set by you. With the right facilitation via Toasty and you (the host), everyone is given an engaging experience.

Here's a quick overview of the activities:

Individual Response

Everyone submits a response to a question or prompt, either with text or an image 📸. Once everyone submits their response, you can optionally allow people to vote on the best submission.

Group Response
Like Individual Response, but groups work together within the group breakout rooms and just one person submits the response on behalf of their group members. Great for problem-solving and brainstorming!


A super quick-and-easy way to gauge how everyone is feeling, vote for the best option or even use it like a quick quiz. Just set a question and multiple answer options.

Conversation Cards
Group members take turns to pick a card and lead a group chat about that topic. Awesome for group discussions or a fun way to introduce everyone.

Who Said That
Each group member secretly answer a question and then try to match the answer with the group members, guessing "Who Said That?". A fast, fun and competitive ice-breaking game.

4. Test your Toasty session

Once you’re done, grab a couple of colleagues and try it out! Send them the invitation link so they can join. 

You can also test it yourself by opening a new tab and join as a participant. Most computers can handle running 2 tabs at the same time. If you experience some lags, turn off other apps or Chrome tabs.

When you're testing, make sure everyone understands the questions and answers, and the flow makes sense. Plus, you can explore the different features of Toasty.

You can test your session as many times as you need.

Click Start session to open the session as the host. Your fellow testers will join as participants via a URL. P.S. host and participants have 2 different links!

Once you’re done testing, click Reset all data to clear the data.

5. Invite your team to join your session on their web browser

It's easy for your team to join your session, you just need to share the link from the Toasty toolbar.

You can send it to your team by email or Slack, or include it in a calendar event. Remember to let them know what time you will be starting!

It's a great idea to let your team know that Toasty works on desktop and laptop computers, but not with mobile devices. Google Chrome is the browser to use for the best experience. Big screens equal big engagement!

You can share this participant guideline to all your participants to ensure that they're ready to go:

I hope this helps! If you have any more questions about how to use Toasty to make it interactive and engaging for your team meetings, just reach out to us via Help Chat.

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