One question people ask: “What is the easiest way to add Toasty to my event?”. 

Here’s 5 tips for giving your attendees a Toasty experience with no fuss and no stress.

1. Choose when to add Toasty to your agenda

There are 2 popular timing event hosts love to use Toasty at: 1) beginning of the event and 2) the end of the event.

In short, they serve a different purpose and have different effects. We have a more detailed blog post about this if you want to check out.

Either way, you should allocate a good 5 to 15 minutes depending how you want to use Toasty, briefly or extensively.

If you do choose to use Toasty at the end of the event, we recommend mentioning Toasty at the beginning of your event, to let your audience know what to expect.

Then when you finish your last slide, open Toasty while the crowd is still paying attention, before the room breaks up to start chatting.

Tip: Have Toasty open in a browser tab from the beginning, ready when you are.

2. Craft the perfect ice-breaker questions 

We suggest having 3-5 questions that will help your audience learn something interesting about each other.

Keep most of them fun, lightweight and topical. But remember to ask what you need to know, such as “Have you been to this event before?”

Tip: Use our Question Templates to find ready-to-use questions. You can even adapt these to suit your event.

3. Add fun group activities

After your attendees have joined Toasty and answered the ice-breaker questions, they'll be assigned a group number and they can easily find their group members by holding up their mobile and finding the matching color.

Now the fun can really begin! Toasty has a number of activities and games that you can add to your session. The groups will work together or compete against each other, further breaking the ice, kick-starting conversations and forging new connections.

Here's a quick overview of the activities:

Group Response
Each group submits text or an image and then vote on the best. Get your groups working together to solve a problem, brainstorm or even take a group selfie 📸

Conversation Cards
Group members take turns to pick a card and lead a group chat about that topic. Awesome for group discussions or a fun way to introduce everyone.

Who Said That
Each group member secretly answer a question and then try to match the answer with the group members, guessing "Who Said That?". A fast, fun and competitive ice-breaking game.

Contact Exchange with the Toasty Button
Group members hold down the Toasty Button at the same time and an introduction email is sent, allowing them to pick up the conversation later. Way more fun than swapping business cards!

4. Test your Toasty session

Once you’re done, grab a couple of friends and colleagues and try it out! Make sure everyone understands the questions and answers, and the flow makes sense.

You can test your session as many times as you need.

Click Start to open the session and join as if you were a real participant.

Once you’re done testing, click Reset all data to clear the data.

5. Get Toasty on the big screen

Your crowd needs to see Toasty to get Toasty!

The checklist is simple, just make sure you have a big screen with access to an Internet browser. A laptop and projector is standard, but even a Smart TV with built-in browser will work well.

From your admin interface, you can click "Start" to open up Toasty for the big screen. If you need to, you can even copy the URL from this tab to open the Toasty TV screens on other devices or send it to your colleagues/friends.

Bonus tip: Let our video explain how it works

6 Tips for the price of 5!

The easiest way to introduce your audience and get them ready for Toasty is to play the video that appears at the beginning of the session.

The video is located on the bottom right of the TV screen (the one with the big QR code) called "Back to introduction video".

The video is just 27 seconds, and introduces the concepts of answering ice-breaking questions, finding group members, and exchanging contact details.

Tip: The video has sound - test that you can hear it before your event starts

I hope this helps! If you have any more questions about how to get Toasty working at your event, just reach out via Help Chat.

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